My name is André Britz. I'm working in various fields of communication, specialized in branding, graphic design, illustration and web design based in the Bonn-Cologne area.

My approach is to develop clear and functional solutions. Together with the client I realize attractive and relevant identities. If necessary an interdisciplinary network can support the creative process.

Since 2004 I'm working for international and national agencies, cultural institutions, companies, individuals as well as for creative artists and start-ups.

Beside my commercial work I developing my creative self by realizing personal driven projects and arty stuff. Visit the personal projects and the autonom section for an insight in that. 

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Corporate Design

Graphic Design
Art Direction

Web Design
Interface Design
Visual Design

Let’s work together — If you have an exiting project and think that I could be the ideal partner to bring it to life, get in touch.
+49 170 770 1827