More selected projects

A L L  E Y E S  O N  Y O U

We developed a series of interactive shop window installations calles SCHAU!. The series started with “All Eyes On You”, a bunch of different sized eyes who were following the passers-by. The concept was simple but the effect immense. The passers-by loved it especially the kids react with the installation without any inhibitions.

J U S T  W A V E

In this episode three-dimensional stripes stand up when people walk by and piano sounds are played according to the peoples position and speed.

M O R E  T H A N  W O R D S

Animated by the 90ties-male-adolescence-dream Samantha Fox, the passers-by can change the words of a random sentence by “touching” the window. Also color and font are changing randomly. The visual outcome is supported by a machine voice generated by apples speech, speaking or singing the originated sentence with randomly selected voices.